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Ready to snuggle down for the new season?  Our five Autumn – Winter decor trends combine different materials, colours and styles so that you have everything you need to hibernate at home this winter.

As the days get shorter, nights get darker and it starts to feel a little bit colder outside, take comfort in your own home – retreat from the outdoors and cosy up in your own little nook. To help you create a warm and comforting space, we’ve got five new decor trends that are sure to brighten up your home. From throws to tableware and cushions to candles, you’ll find the finishing touches for any space.

Take our quiz to see which is your favourite, but don’t forget, our decor trends can be mixed and matched to create a look that’s just right for you!

Which cushion would you like to sit back on?

Autumn Winter Decor Trends Cushions | Maisons du Monde

A. COSY BLUE Tassel Cushion Cover B. MYRIADE Raspberry Cushion Cover C. CALLAO Patterned Ecru Cushion Cover D. MACIA Ecru Cushion Cover with Palm Print E. JUNGLE Green Print Cushion

Which throw would you like to snuggle under?

Autumn Winter Decor Trends throws | Maisons du Monde

A. COSY BLUE Ecru Patterned Throw  B. NARCISSE Grey Throw with Gold Print  C. EMMA & JOHN Checked Throw D. OLDUVAI Jaquard Print Throw E. DEEP VELVET Red Throw

Which light would brighten up your home?

Autumn Winter Decor Trends lights | Maisons du Monde

A. COSY BLUE Light Up Star B. TERRAZZO Print Lamp C. Emma & John Ash & Metal Lamp D. SERENA Gold Shade Lamp E. MAYRA Ceramic Lamp

Which planter is top of the pots for you?

Autumn Winter Decor Trends planters | Maisons du Monde

A. COSY BLUE Ceramic Planter B. EYES Pink Ceramic Planter C. FOX Hanging Vase D. SAFARI PARTY Patterned Vase E. DEEP VELVET Patterned Ceramic Vase

Which mug would you like to sip on something sweet from?

Autumn Winter Decor Trends mugs | Maisons du Monde

A. ANVERS Printed Mug B. UNICORN Earthenware Mug C. BROOKLYN Bear Print Mug D. CRAZY TROPICAL Cheetah Print Mug E. PARADISE BIRD Peacock Mug

Mostly A: Cosy Blue

Cosy Blue decor trend | Maisons du Monde

Looking to snuggle down and get hygge? Cosy Blue is for you! Fill your home with a palette of blues, layer up the throws; plain, printed, pom poms and all, and add some scented candles to create a cocoon of warmth. Combine light wood and natural materials such as linen, wool and ceramic, for a new take on Scandinavian design.

DISCOVER: Cosy Blue trend

Mostly B: Miss Bloom

Miss Bloom decor trend | Maisons du Monde

It may be winter, but Miss Bloom will keep things looking rosy.  Keep your home radiant all season long with a pink palette combined with plum, earthy tones and a touch of red. Golden accents, light wood, smoked glass and wicker contrast against the geometric and floral prints for a warm, vintage feel.

DISCOVER: Miss Bloom trend

Mostly C: Emma & John

Emma & John decor trend | Maisons du Monde

Take it slow with Emma & John. A trend to escape the daily grind and unwind, the pared-back, rustic style will give you room to breathe. Autumnal colours, checked fabrics and natural materials provide the perfect setting to unwind and create a cosy nest in any space at home. Mix mustard yellow, warm grey, global influences and geometric patterns for a simple, vintage inspired look.

DISCOVER: Emma & John trend

Mostly D: Safari Party

Safari Party decor trend | Maisons du Monde

Go wild and encounter adventure with Safari Party! Relax in a luxury lodge for a lavish retreat, global touches and animal motifs mingle amongst woven textures, beige and golden glints. Wood, raffia, rope, bamboo; natural details bring a wild side to your decor. For a down to earth finish, add warmth with sumptuous fabrics like velvet or wool.

DISCOVER: Safari Party trend

Mostly E: Deep Velvet

Deep Velvet decor trend | Maisons du Monde

If you want to be bold this season, look to Deep Velvet – a lush jungle of eccentricity, where art deco and tropical motifs combine together to brighten the home. Introduce a touch of elegance with emerald green and peacock blue, two bold colours to elevate your decor. Deep tones and vivacious velvets help bring a soft note to the season.

DISCOVER: Deep Velvet trend

To discover our trends in store, find a space closest to you!

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  1. Deb hodaj says:

    C every time love a bit of vintage style retro all the way love the foxy planter I’m addicted to foxes

    1. Maisons du Monde says:

      There are lots of foxes in Emma & John! We love the colours too

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