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We had a chat with some of our favourite home bloggers about their recent garden revamps…

Olivia, Jess and Lisa are giving us some serious garden envy this summer! From patio chill out zones to alfresco dining areas and even outdoor cinemas, they have all updated their outdoor spaces to embrace the season.

We love each of the new outdoor looks, which showcase their individual tastes and show us how to extend your style into the garden. We sat down to find out all about the revamp process and gained some top tips on how to update your garden.

Patio perfection

Wicker resin bench | Maisons du Monde

Olivia Silk: Lustliving

Get the look: COCON Wicker Hanging Garden Armchair COPACABANA Resin String Garden Bench URBAN Outdoor Lamp

Tell us about your outdoor space…

We have two main spaces in the garden now that we have given it a makeover – the main patio area which is meant for use mainly during the day time, there’s a dining table under our feature pergola and opposite, a lounge area with an L shaped outdoor sofa for kicking back in the sun. The top area of the garden I created with late evenings in mind – chairs huddled around a fire pit for cosy nights snuggled under blankets with toasted marshmallows.

How would you describe your garden style?

Despite us being in the countryside, we have converted our somewhat twee garden into a modern space. The pergola was definitely inspired by my love for Italy, but with a contemporary take on it.

It’s been a big project, how long has it taken and what do you love most about the space you’ve created so far?

It took us just under two months, and that was with us both working on it solidly every day after work and every weekend. Blood, sweat and tears went into it to get it done that quickly but it was so, so worth it now it’s finished. My favourite area would have to be the main lower patio area – it’s perfect for gatherings with family and friends and we’ve even managed to create our own outdoor cinema to enjoy the space after dark.

Wicker Hanging Garden Chair | Maisons du Monde

What was on top of your MdM wishlist for your garden makeover?

Definitely the hanging chair – and it did not disappoint. I could sit in there for hours. It’s so relaxing, it feels like you’re floating. The perfect perch for a bit of zen.

What are your tips for making the most of a patio space?

You need to figure out how you will use the space the most, if it’s alfresco dining then be sure to make room for a dining area, if you’re more into chilling out then create a lounge seating area. Add lighting so that you can enjoy the space even after dark.

After dark, how will you get the garden glowing?

We put a great amount of effort into outdoor lighting as we don’t want to have to stop enjoying the space when the sun goes down during the summer months – it’s such a shame especially when it’s still warm out. So we’ve got everything from festoon lights, fairy lights, down lights, lights in the ponds, lights on the steps, a particularly lovely table lamp 😉 and a floor lamp.

Garden revamp | Maisons du Monde

What’s your advice for creating a cosy atmosphere outdoors?

Lighting is key, but for a cosy atmosphere after day, add blankets, textured cushions and a fire pit for the ultimate cosy summer evening.

The important question, can we come round for s’mores? Please tell us you will be toasting marshmallows round the firepit?

Be my guest! In fact many marshmallows have already been roasted… I’m yet to give smores a go though… they sound delicious!

Dining out

Outdoor dining | Maisons du Monde

Jess Hurrell: Gold is a neutral

Get the look: SEOUL Corner Sofa and Garden Table ARUN Black Armchair

Tell us a bit about your outdoor space…

Our garden is split level and last year we ripped up the rotten deck on the top level and replaced it with astroturf so we had somewhere soft for the children to play. This year we focused our attention on sprucing up the lower paved area where we wanted to create an outdoor dining and entertaining area. It gets a lot of sun so we decided to add an awning so we had the option of shade on really hot days. I also added lots of plants including Jasmine because it smells amazing and makes me feel like I’m on holiday. I wanted the space to be like an outdoor room so it had to be comfortable and have a large enough table so we could have lots of friends over for BBQ’s. The Seoul sofa and dining table is perfect because it’s big enough to get 10 people around.

How would you describe your garden style?

I love flowers and plants so there’s lots of colour and lush green. I wanted our dining area to feel like a bit like the terrace of a nice hotel or restaurant when you’re on holiday hence the awning and big squashy comfy sofa. Perfect for sundowners in this incredible British summer weather we’ve been having!

What are your top tips for a budget friendly garden revamp?

Lots of plants and flowers will make your garden instantly appealing no matter what size it is. They are also a great way to cover up less appealing areas. Bulbs are cheap and it’s so satisfying to see something you’ve planted coming through a few months later.

Outdoor dining | Maisons du Monde

We noticed your garden is looking pretty lush. What is your ethos when it comes to plants and gardening?

Thank you! I’m definitely not an expert gardener but I really enjoy seeing the things we’ve planted grow and flourish. I’m definitely not a minimalist when it comes to gardening and I love bright colours. I tend to just plants the things I like and try to grow things that I can cut and bring inside like hydrangeas and dahlias. I recently bought a jasmine plant which makes the dining area feel very Mediterranean and will cover up a crumbly old wall as it spreads.

What was on top of your MdM wishlist for your garden makeover?

The SEOUL sofa and dining table set. It’s ticks all the boxes. Stylish, comfortable and big enough to seat lots of people round it.

How will you and your family enjoy this outdoor space in the summer holidays?

We eat almost all of our meals outside, even breakfast during the summer holidays because the kids love the novelty of eating outside. Then in the evenings my husband and I will put our feet up and have a glass of cold white wine and catch up on our days.

Garden Dining | Maisons du Monde

What is your favourite thing about summer?

Being outside. I’m not a Winter person and this summer has been amazing so far! I love the fact that the kids can play outside all day in the paddling pool, have picnics and not be cooped up inside.

What’s your idea of the perfect summer alfresco feast?

I love Middle Eastern food so lots of salads, falafel, spicy food and BBQ’s (as long as someone else is in charge of the grilling!)

And, favourite summer drink?

Ooh you can’t beat an Aperol Spritz!

Alfresco cinema

Home cinema | Maisons du Monde

Lisa Dawson

Get the look: THETIS Black Aluminium Garden Corner Sofa

Tell us about your outdoor space…

The courtyard is a square space surrounded by a brick wall, original to the house when it was built in 1759.  The patio is York Stone and although it’s enclosed, it gets plenty of sun throughout the day. The space previously housed an outdoor table, but this summer we have built two covered pergolas, one of which is the perfect dining area.  This has meant that the courtyard is now empty and without a purpose. After thinking long and hard, we decided to turn it into an outdoor cinema with seating and a firepit. It’s a fairly protected space with outdoor electrics already in place so it seemed the perfect spot!

How would you describe your garden style?

My garden style is very similar to my interior style – I like to keep the main features of the space neutral and then bring in the colour with textiles and accessories.  I’m not the greatest gardener so I tend to stick to small pots and evergreens that are easy to care for.

What are your top tips for making the most of your outdoor living space?

Make the most of what you have. The courtyard is adjoined to the kitchen so putting outdoor seating in place means that I can chat to family and friends whilst cooking, something that I can’t do when they are in the main seating area of the pergolas.  If you have original features such as a brick wall, they’re a natural bonus and will add to the ambience. Think about how the sun travels over the area during the day and plan the placement of your furniture accordingly.

Alfresco Cinema | Maisons du Monde

What was on top of your MdM wishlist for your garden makeover?

There were so many lovely things to choose from!  Top of the wishlist was the Thetis sectional outdoor sofa.  I particularly liked this one because of the deep seats and simple styling. The aluminium frame means it’s got a solid structure, important for when you have a family of five.  It’s a great design and would actually look just as good indoors as it does outdoors.

What little update do you swear by for the outdoors?

Textiles!  I am a big fan of making your outdoor area as comfortable as your indoor area.  I wouldn’t have a room in my home without a rug, so I always make sure I use one outdoors as well to pull the area together.  Using cushions and throws makes the space feel cosy and also adds the essential colour that I need my rooms to have to make me happy.

ALFRESCO CINEMA | Maisons du Monde

After dark, how will you get the garden glowing?

I have festoon lighting which is strung across the entire area which gives the perfect glow. I also use battery operated lanterns and candles, plus there’s a fire pit that not only keeps us warm but also brings the light.

What will be on your outdoor cinema screen?

The first movie will definitely be The Greatest Showman.  It’s our family favourite and we know all the words to the songs!

And, your movie guilty pleasure?

For a perfect girlie night, I’d be playing the 1980’s classics – Pretty In Pink, The Outsiders and St Elmos Fire.

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