Over the past few decades, the chaise longue has left its wealthy roots behind and started kicking back in any living room or bedroom that will take it! So, now that the days are getting shorter and it’s time to start nesting, we’re looking back at the best excuse for an afternoon nap!

What is a chaise longue? Beige chaise longue in classic style , Maisons du Monde

First things first, what’s chaise longue in English? Literally, it translates as ‘long chair’, but we think the French adds that little bit of charm to a pretty boring term. Especially if you know how to pronounce chaise longue too, ahem…

How to pronounce chaise longue? 'Shezz lohng', the history of the chaise longue, Maisons du Monde

All roads lead to Rome (8000 BC)

Ancient Romans were one of the first to unwind on chaise longues. The upper class enjoyed lavish parties reclined in style, inspired by the Greek gods and goddesses from centuries before. Pass the grapes!

Fit for a king (1700 AD)

The chaise longues was a popular furniture piece amongst the French aristocracy and brought to the Palace of Versailles under the rule of King Louis XV in the 18th century. Comfortable and elegant, the chair was the perfect to spot to lounge in – especially in luxurious boudoirs.

What is a chaise longue? Purple, velvet chaise longue, Maisons du Monde

Strike a pose (1900 AD)

After taking place in many Victorian homes, the chaise longue lost its affluent connotations (It was nap power to the people!). That is until Hollywood came knocking and made it a glamorous star. Many starlets were pictured draped across the chair as it became a popular prop for photographers and film makers alike, reinstating its allure and charm.

Chase the chaise (nowadays)

Nowadays there’s a chaise for everyone; whilst it still adds a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the place, it’s practical and space making too! There’s classic velvet styles for a sumptuous snooze in the bedroom or handy chaise sofas to put your feet up in front of the tele. Yes, that’s right – modern sofas have the chaise longue effect.

History of the chaise longue, scandinavian 4-5 seater light grey fabric modular corner sofa, Maisons du Monde

Our pick of chaise longues!

Chaise longue edit, the history of the chaise longue, Maisons du Monde
  1. SCALA velvet chaise longue  | 2. ATELIER linen chaise longue  | 3. BASTIDE cotton chaise longue love seat | 4. BROOKE Scandinavian grey corner sofa


How to nail the perfect nap!

Three top tips to get the most out of your afternoon siesta.

  1. The optimum nap time is 20 to 30 minutes, any longer and you may hit deep sleep which will leave you feeling fuzzy headed.
  2. Always pick the same spot! Make the chaise longue the only place to nap to help your brain recognise it’s time to settle down.
  3. Don’t feel guilty! It’s been proven that an afternoon nap has so many benefits to help you feel more productive, creative and energetic!


We’re off to start a petition for a dedicated nap time chaise longue in the MdM offices. Nap well!


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