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Turning the morning routine into something special since the 17th century, the dressing table is as functional as it is vanity boosting. In an age where the selfie rules and the camera is always ready, let’s explore the history of the dressing table and how it came to be such a timeless home piece.

Vintage style gold dressing table with faux fur chair, Maisons du Monde

Vanity high

From ancient times beauty essentials were held in ornate boxes, it wasn’t until the late 17th century that beauty was unboxed. Craftsmen for high society created pieces of furniture dedicated to grooming and displaying beauty products, not hiding them. They enhanced the occasion of getting ready by adding mirrors, shelves and compartments to these tables.

Reimagined beauty

Dressing tables became a key piece of furniture for aristocracy. Artisans let their imagination run wild during the 1800s with extravagant designs covering all styles from Gothic to Rococo in precious woods to polished marble.

It’s a woman’s world…

…at least it was at the vanity station. The roaring Twenties and art deco style saw glitz and glamour explode on to the scene. With it came the elegant dressing table, the emblem of female beauty at the time!

Magic mirror, who is the fairest of them all?

Today dressing tables aren’t just for fairy tales or lavish lifestyles. Whether it’s a vintage style or modern design, they can fast become an essential part of getting ready and a little pamper sanctuary in the bedroom. It’s not just about the table itself! There’s the chair or stool dilemma, what beauty products to display or how to decorate the shelves!

Vintage style dressing table with velvet chair, Maisons du Monde


Our pick of dressing tables

Best dressing tables online, Maisons du Monde
  1. SALOME mango wood dressing table  | 2. CAMILLE paulownia wood dressing table  | 3. MAURICETTE velvet chair  | 4. TROCAERO mango wood dress table | 5. VERSAILLES mango wood dressing table | 6. LULEA copper stool  | 7. MEDICIS mango wood dressing table  | 8. VILMA pink faux fur stool 

Stylist’s Advice:

‘The dressing table’s drawers are made to hide all your treasures your makeup, so make the most of the storage space and don’t overload the table! Add a candle and, if possible, some flowers to make your dressing table a stylish addition to the room.’


Where to place a dressing table.

Lacking space or looking for inspiration? Here’s three tips to find the perfect spot for your dressing table!

  1. Remember to soak up all the natural light by putting the dressing table near to the window, and never so that your back is facing the window. That way you have the optimum amount of light when you’re getting ready.Classic style dressing table with mirror, Maisons du Monde

2. In a small room, ditch the bedside table in favour of a dressing table. One step closer to getting ready in the morning!Classic style dressing table next to bed, Maisons du Monde

3. Placing the dressing table between to two taller furniture pieces will make a compact, dedicated area for a little you time.Classic style dressing table in white, Maisons du Monde


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