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From meticulously colour coded wardrobes and labelled cupboards, to laid back shelves bursting with eclectic treasures; everyone has a unique organistaional storage style! Our research has revealed that we are a nation that loves to organise and interestingly, this can reveal A LOT about our personalities.

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Hands up! Are you one of the 33% of Brits who add style to their kitchen by emptying their pasta, coffee, sweets and more into display jars? Or are you part of the 27% who enjoy not only rearranging things at home but also at work or friends’ houses, too? Perhaps you can’t resist showing off your tablescape skills, along with 33% of the nation, by setting tables?

We’ve unearthed four distinct types of home storage and organising personas: are you a Decorative Decanter, a Heartfelt Hoarder, a Mindful Maximalist or an Opportunistic Organiser? Read on to find out and let us know which one you are in the comments!

Opportunistic Organiser

An Opportunistic Organiser loves to create organised perfection both at home and in the outside world. Whether re-arranging the table setting in a restaurant, sorting the storage cupboards at work or reshuffling the cushions in their best friend’s house, they enjoy keeping things in order.

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This type of person is hard-working and practical, and their creative streak tends to be revealed in the way they organise things. All areas of their life tend to run like clockwork and they are very good timekeepers, rarely late for events. They are most at ease when everything is in its rightful place and then they can truly relax. Opportunistic Organisers would prefer it if everyone shared the same organised traits yet sometimes need to consider when to let go and allow people to be themselves. They mean well and try to be helpful, but should relax more.

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Decorative Decanter

Decorative Decanters admit that they keep their pasta in a stylish jar purely for display, with a second bag used for cooking. They also love keeping their water in glass bottles for serving and transferring their washing up liquid to a more premium-looking bottle for show. All for the love of decor and must-have storage.

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This type of person tends to be very ambitious and, once focused, will work hard to attain what they want. Their creativity is at its best when they are under pressure. Their time management isn’t a priority as they’d rather be relaxing – but they can manage it in spurts. These people only tend to do housework when necessary but put even more effort in when visitors
are coming. They want to show their home at its best, and know it’s the small things that make a big impression – so have the place spick and span in no time. Charming and fun to be with, Decorative Decanters often have high expectations and choose partners who will live up to their standards.

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Mindful Maximalist

Mindful Maximalists love to fill their shelves with an eclectic mix of artworks, foliage, books and investment pieces to show off their personality. Not ones for hiding stuff away, everything they own is curated and displayed, with ‘random’ being the order of the day. Their home is a big cabinet of curiosity, where open storage rules!

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This type is a confident, outgoing personality. They love being with people and creating a warm home to welcome friends and family into. These people believe in a balanced life: working hard and playing hard. Although they always think about new opportunities, as they want to succeed using any creative talents they have. Mindful Maximalists manage their own time, and are usually self-employed. Stress is seen as something positive; a spur to greater things. They are easy-going and generous in relationships, as long as they get the attention that they need!

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Heartfelt Hoarder

Heartfelt Hoarder’s homes are filled with memories, and their shelves are full with photographs and postcards from the past. Everything in their home has meaning, and they can’t bear to see any sentimental items go.

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This type tends to be quieter and more thoughtful, with a romantic, nostalgic streak. People are important to them and they put a lot of work into their friendships, hoping to get back as much as they give. The past is also precious, so they still keep photo albums and hold onto special cards and love letters. However, much of this is not on public show, but hidden away in storage boxes of memories. They manage their jobs and their time well, as they want to be liked. Heartfelt Hoarders only get stressed about those things that are close to their hearts.

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Don’t forget to let us know which personality you are in the comments, we want to hear all about the wonderful organisational habits you have! We’ve got a few messy Mindful Maximalists here in the MdM UK offices, they’ve a habit of making their desk look extremely creative. Ahem…

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